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The majority of CBC programs are only open to CBC Member Publishers. Learn more about the .
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CBC Best of Lists

The CBC partners with various organizations to create yearly book lists that are educator- and student-targeted as helpful resources in and outside the classroom. The CBC, and the co-sponsoring associations, distribute the final lists to educators, librarians, parents, caregivers, booksellers, and children’s book lovers nationwide.

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Favorites Lists

The FAVORITES Lists are a selection made by thousands of children in all 50 states of their favorite books published each year. The Children’s Book Council collects and presents the annotated lists every Spring. These reading lists are the rebranding of the Choices Lists, an ILA-CBC partnership since 1975, and are used by educators, librarians, and parents for classrooms and library collections.

  • Children’s Favorites
  • Young Adults Favorites
  • Teacher Favorites
  • Librarian Favorites

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Curated Reading Lists

  • : Features CBC member titles being published in the current month
  • : A thematic list that features both front and backlist titles. A new theme and titles are featured quarterly.
  • Inclusivity Resources: Curated collections of book lists and resources available on our member publishers’ sites and other organizations.

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CBC Diversity Initiative

CBC Diversity Initiative advocates for an inclusive and representative children’s publishing industry. CBC Diversity creates content for the CBC Blog, including industry news, book spotlights, CBC Diversity event information, and educational blog posts for everyone invested in children’s literature. The initiative also sponsors the CBC Diversity Outstanding Achievement Awards, given annually to professionals or organizations in the children’s publishing industry who have made a significant impact on the publishing and marketing of diverse books, diversity in hiring and mentoring, and efforts that create greater awareness with the public about the importance of diverse voices. View the 2018, , and 2020 award winners online. 

The CBC Diversity Committee coordinates most of our initiatives, which include an ongoing effort to partner with organizations such as We Need Diverse Books, Brown Bookshelf, and Futures & Options to further spread knowledge about current events in the children’s book industry as well as showcase the opportunities available for emerging talent. It also coordinates with industry professionals about Multicultural Book Day and content for the CBC Blog.

CBC members: watch videos of previous .

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Knowledge Quest

The Children’s Book Council continues to collaborate with the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) on a series of “” columns for the AASL journal Knowledge Quest. Each column embodies the belief in the power of reading enjoyment and immersive learning and a commitment to a high level of literacy for every child. Columns are written by authors and illustrators, and only CBC member publishers can take advantage of this opportunity.

CBC Members: Learn more about .

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ALA-CBC Joint Committee Events and Resources

The CBC works in partnership with the American Library Association to connect publishers and librarians over issues and topics of importance to both. This committee hosts programs at librarian conferences and conventions throughout the year, featuring CBC member publishing staff and book creators. The creates two lists, each released every other year. These lists are to provide guidance to parents, caregivers, educators, librarians, booksellers, and anyone interested in discovering books for children.
  • : For adults who are seeking more challenging, but still age-appropriate, books for children who read at an advanced level.
  • : These diverse, high-quality library lists are organized by age groups (from 0 to 14) and feature under-the-radar gems and notable new reads on a variety of topics to help families create at-home libraries.
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Other Partner Lists and Features

The CBC works with our partner organizations on various books list and author features throughout the year. These include opportunities for Every Child a Reader programs and organizations including Girl Scouts of the USA, Little Free Libraries, Screen Free Week, ALA, ABA, NYPL, and BPL. The CBC partners with organizations to facilitate the submission and careful consideration of CBC member books for the Mathical Award, Bank Street College’s Children’s Book Committee Spanish Language list, and more. Publishers are also able to share their books directly with kids and teens in need through various donation opportunities.
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CBC Ed. Talks

CBC Ed Talks are quarterly educational virtual panels for CBC member publisher staff created by CBC committees that address important topics in the children’s book world. These events feature a variety of topics of interest to publishing professionals across departments and job levels.

CBC Members: Watch videos of previous Ed. Talks programs.

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Graphic Novel Committee

The CBC Graphic Novel Committee works to expand the presence and legitimacy of children’s and young adult graphic novels through programming at various conventions and ComicCons. The committee has sponsored and provided the panelists for programming at ComicCon International, New York ComicCon, Emerald City ComicCon, BookCon, BookExpo, and more.
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Early Career Committee

Through dynamic programming created by the industry’s young professionals, the Children’s Book Council’s offers career development, a friendly social community, and networking and volunteer opportunities. Employees of CBC member publishers are invited to attend. The ECC also distributes a newsletter and contributes content to the CBC Blog, including resources, articles, interviews, and more.

CBC Members: watch videos of previous .

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CBC Mid-Level Career Committee

An all-new CBC committee will pick up where the Early Career Committee leaves off, offering support, networking, continuing education, mentorship, and resources to publishing professionals in years 5-15 of their careers.
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CBC Annual Meeting

Open to employees of member publishers, the CBC’s Annual Meeting reviews the business of the only national trade association for children’s book publishers. A guest speaker is invited each year to address a topic of interest to the industry at large. Previous speakers at the Annual Meeting include:
  • Lee Rowland
  • Renee Jain and Dr. Shefali Tsabary
  • Philip Kurien
  • Laurie Hernandez
  • Jason Reynolds
  • Christopher Myers
  • Sonia Manzano
  • Dr. Michael Yogman
  • Alan Sitomer
  • Dr. Maryanne Wolf
  • Duncan Watts
  • Pamela Paul
  • Brooke Gladstone
  • Nick Biltonrfe

CBC members: watch videos and view slideshows from previous .

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Children's Book Week

is the annual celebration of children’s books and reading. Established in 1919, it is the longest-running national literacy initiative in the country. The program is administered by Every Child a Reader, and the Children’s Book Council (CBC) is the anchor sponsor. 2019 marked the 100-year anniversary.

Readers: Visit the official for posters, t-shirts, and more!

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Goddard Riverside CBC Young People’s Book Prize for Social Justice

Goddard Riverside CBC Youth Book Prize celebrates the power of the written word to create change in the name of justice for all people—a value shared by the publishing community and Goddard Riverside. It will be given each year at Goddard Riverside’s Book Fair Gala in the fall.

This prize was created in 2020 and is given in celebration of nonfiction books for young readers that represent urban life and themes of community, compassion, and equality—complementing the Goddard Riverside Stephan Russo Book Prize for Social Justice for adult readers.

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